The emerge of the digital era creates real opportunities.

From digital clothing to brand-immersive casual loyalty games, the path is set to be highly rewarding. In July, DressX raised $2M in seed round that offers a digital collection where real people can add their photos and choose an outfit to share on social media. Users buy the image of a dress rather than the dress itself. The idea addresses environmental concerns around the fashion industry.

Virtual Fashion

What if brands engage with their customers through high-quality casual games with real rewards? An innovative approach to digital media.

Video Joyall

Joyall, the new start-up, offers precisely that. As traditionally loyalty programs are becoming less effective, Joyall creates a new media channel where players gain lives by watching videos, earning boosters by writing reviews, and unlocking rewards by visiting stores whilst matching brand products to level up. The idea is to create a real sense of reward while playing your favourite games.

Currently at the pre-seed stage offers an exciting opportunity to investors.

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